MAR 6 & 7 2024

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AquaDam Inc - Water Controlling Water

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Record-breaking flood events are becoming more common, around the globe. These never before seen floods cause billions of dollars of damage, each year. The traditional methods of sandbags or dirt berms to form flood barriers do not scale to cope with the rising frequency and severity of flood events. Why not use water, to control the flood water? AquaDams are water filled barriers used mainly in the construction industry, with a growing demand from users with Flood Control requirements. Invented in 1988, the water filled AquaDam has quickly become recognized as a superior way to form a temporary barrier, using the on site water to control the on site water, with faster deployment and recovery times than traditional methods, as well as reduced crew and equipment requirements. Comprised of dual watertight inner tubes surrounded by a baffled woven outer sleeve, AquaDams are lightweight, heavy duty, with a high potential for reuse. AquaDams are available to control from 9" to 126" of water depth control, in lengths of up to 1200ft. The standard AquaDam will accept any size hose for filling or draining, using any type of water as its source. When drained and rolled, the AquaDam reduces to just 2% of its filled volume for storage.

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