MAR 5 & 6 2025

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Altaeros is a leading aerial infrastructure provider. Altaeros’ ST-Flex, is a rapidly deployable SuperTower that can be set up by a small crew to start providing service in less than a day. ST-Flex outperforms COWs and COLTs during network restoration efforts. 

Get subscribers and first responders back online fast with a rapidly deployable, autonomous aerostat.
ST-Flex aerostats offer a quick and effective way to provide wireless coverage after an emergency. Rapidly deployable SuperTowers can be towed and deployed in less than a day to quickly provide wide-area coverage to the affected areas.

After a disaster, staying connected is essential for subscribers and first responders
1. Provide Coverage up to 25 Miles (40km) away.
Larger coverage area means fewer network assets need to be deployed and maintained

2. Simplified Logistics Consolidating to a single network asset allows for quicker and cheaper setup and operations.

3. Autonomous Operation With Aerostat Autopilot, a single operator can simply send a launch command to the ST-Flex, and the aerostat will autonomously take off and fly.

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