MAR 6 & 7 2024

Miami Beach Convention Center

1st Source

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1st Source offers a growing family of high-performance, next-generation digital medical imaging solutions to meet the clinical challenges of today and tomorrow. Drawing on our extensive technology resources and experience, 1st Source is expanding the availability of Digital Radiographic (DR) imaging for all levels of medicine through targeted engineering.

Incorporated in 1999, 1st Source is an innovator and designer of wireless and tethered DR systems for upgrading room mounted, mobile and portable general radiographic X-ray equipment. 1st Source is dedicated to providing an independent alternative to major equipment manufacturers for imaging plates, parts, technical support, service and repair training.

Since our founding, 1st Source has made value, versatility and dependability our guiding principles and now we’re expanding into new markets. Medical, Veterinary and OEM customers will soon be able to utilize digital imaging technologies that simply do not exist in those markets right now.


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